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‘To me, Reconstructive, plastic & cosmetic surgery is a precise art as surgeon, I pride myself in achieving infection free, the very best and most natural looking Cosmetic results with the minimum amount of downtime'.

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At Our Clinic Dr Amin and His Well Trained Staff offers friendly and personal Caring service 24/7 for those who want restore self confidence in their appearance through surgery-(Liposuction & Rhinoplasty Lahore).

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Rhinoplasty Lahore

Rhinoplasty, Commonly known as a “nose Reshaping Surgery,” is a Cosmetic treatment to resize or reshape the nose Dr Amin offer  Surgical Rhinoplasty and non Surgical Rhinoplasty.

Major Categories

Aesthetic Rhinoplalsty: This type of Rhinoplasty surgery involves to change nose outward appearance

Functional Rhinoplasty: Such treatment Improve breathing issues and remove nasal obstruction.

 Rhinoplasty Steps

Incision: We offer two approaches rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Open or external Rhinoplasty. In this surgery doctor make small external cut on the columella  with incisions on the inside of the nose.
  • The endonasal rhinoplasty:Plastic surgeon made extensive internal  nose incisions.

Nose reshaping and resizing Surgery:. Commonly nose reshaping surgery is done for appearnace concerns are a dorsal nose hump, a wide nose tip, or a crooked nose . During dorsal nose hump reduction surgeon remove bone and cartilage for nose roof and creating  pleasing shape.

 Nose Tip reduction: In this Procedrue surgeon remove  cartilage of nasal tip  this help to reduce tip cartilage size.

Crooked nose Straightening:  Surgeon use ulta sonic technique to break the nasal bones and make nose more symmetrical on frontal view.

Rhinoplasty Type


We Offer at expertise level nose deformity surgery in Lahore. Surgeon regrafts cartilaginous bone.

Trauma Nose surgery

Nose Surgery Lahore is performed to set right any fractures or dislocations involving the bones or the cartilage of the nose.

Nose Asymmetry Surgery

A bent or crooked nose would best be treated by means of a rhinoplasty where the bone is straightened to correct the deviation in the nose.

Hump Correction

Rhinoplasty Lahore for correction of these conditions involves reshaping of the nose with either removal or grafting of bone to nose

Saddle Nose

Inadequate nose bone height results in a flat nose. A rhinoplasty with placement of a bone graft will give the patient a sharp nose.

Bulky Nose Rhinoplasty

This Cosmetic treatment involves removing excess flesh from the nose to give it a sharper appearance that is better suited for the face.

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Dr Amin Plastic Surgeon

Dr Amin heads of Cosmoplast, the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Lahore. Dr.Amin earned his bachelor medical degree from prestigious Nishtar Medical College and  University Multan Pakistan. He went on to complete his residency in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery from Jinnah Hospital Lahore. He received a post-graduate degree (FCPS Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery) in 2012 From COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEON PAKISTAN. Following this Dr Amin added to the qualifications and other cosmetic surgery procedures certification from board courtiers. He got ear Reconstruciton surgery certificate from sir Nagata From Japan and become one of young ear reshaping surgeon Pakistan. He also visit turkey form  nose reshaping surgery(RHINOPLASTY). He is only one young and first Rhinoplasty surgeon in Pakistan who got nose tip correction surgery (Open Rhinoplasty & Closed Rhinoplasty) using ultra sonic technique from turkished trained surgeon. He got face lift and Breast augmentation certification from USA and Hair transplant certification from Dubai.

Our Plastic surgeon work at Burn and Reconstructive center Jinnah Hospital Lahore got training for Hand Reconstructive and microsurgery. Dr Amini has always been active in his field of Cosmetic and plastic surgery specialization and participated in various workshops, tutorials and conferences across the world where he presented his much-acclaimed paper.

Dr. Amin is associated and active member of Pakistan association of plastic surgeons (PAPS). He is associated as a Surgeon, consultant with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery department of Jinnah Hospital ( Burn and Reconstructive Center ) Lahore Pakistan,  where he treats all kind of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr, Amin is passionate about his profession Specially Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Otoplasty and Rhinoplasty Lahore. His area of skills also includes aesthetic treatment and rejuvenation of the face.

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Our Client's Reviews

“Good day everyone! My name is Nimra and I live in Lahore Pakistan I got Nose reshaping surgery ( Rhinoplasty Lahore) from Dr Amin at the age of 18, I am writing this I wan to share my experienced that I am satisfied with my Results”
“I got Liposuction surgery From Dr Amin in 2019. Before liposuction I get detail consultation with surgeon and then decided to get belly and thighs liposuction. Dr. Amin and his staff are highly professional and very caring. Strongly Recommended”
House W
At The age of 16 I did not reconagnised the issue of men boobs. At university my friends told me that is have men boobs issue and did not know What genetic problems cause gynecomastia? Then meet to Dr Amin and after surgery I am satisfied with my results
Nauman Arif
I want to share my experience of my tummy tuck surgery. i am sadia and i am 36 yeasrs old, i have complete my faimly, Due to over wait i decided to take body reshaping surgery, After detail discustion with Dr Amin i decided to go for tummy tuck surgery. I am happy now becasue i am feeling young again
House wife

Our Procedures

We offer listed Cosmetic procedures. Our primary goal is to help you to achieve the best possible results from our highest level of care

Nose and Face

Our Plastic Surgeon Priority is to create natural and attractive look. When it comes to surgical treatment of the Face and Nose.

Breast Augmentation

Dr Amin’s top Specialty procedures is breast Augmentationy and he is widely renowned for his exceptional work in Breast enhancement.


Cosmetic procedures offer by Dr Amin on the body can achieve dramatic Body Reshaping results which lead to a greater self-confidence

Non Surgical

Dr Amin’s is highly expert and trained for delivering optimal Results through non surgical method, Such as Face and nose filler and laser


Liposuction (luy-puo-suc-Tun) is a cosmetic procedure to remove fat from undesired are of the body and (contours) the body into a proper shape 


Gynecomastia (guy-nuh-koh-MAS-tee-uh) technically called Male breast reduction surgery in which surgeon remove men boobs gland and fat and gland