Liposuction treatment in Lahore

Liposuction treatment in Lahore

Like any liposuction, belly liposuction removes localized fat from the abdomen. However, to have a good result, it is important that the fat is well localized in the thickness of the abdominal wall and not inside the abdomen around the intestine. Among the various aesthetic interventions of the belly , liposuction requires that the skin of the belly has a good elasticity and is not relaxed. For Liposuction treatment in Lahore, Liposuction in Pakistan cost meet our plastic surgeon in Lahore

Liposuction treatment in Lahore, Liposuction in Pakistan cost

Liposuction treatment in Lahore

Good candidates for belly liposuction

TWe distinguish 3 types of patients who can benefit from liposuction treatment in Lahore of the belly and hope for a satisfactory result:

  • The ideal candidate is the young patient with an elastic skin that presents only a greasy excess, without excessive. Plastic surgeon consider actually candidate for liposuction treatment in Lahore
  • The intermediate candidate, is the one who is ready to accommodate some irregularities of the abdominal skin after liposuction but refuses any extended scar. He will recover a much flatter belly without having a tummy tuck.
  • Poorest candidate for liposuction treatment in lahore is the patient with a large excess of skin: in this case, it is necessary to associate a tummy tuck with liposuction, to remove excess skin.
  • Bad candidates for belly liposuction

    The big belly whose abdominal wall is very thin. In reality, the fat is deep around the intestines, and only weight loss can improve the problem. Liposuction treatment in lahore is useless, since there is no fat to suck in the abdominal wall. Round belly by loosening muscles of the abdominal wall. It is common for a diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles, that is, an abnormal gap between the muscles that is responsible for loosening the abdominal wall. This is typically the case for patients after major weight loss or after pregnancy. In this case, Tummy tuck surgery with muscle tightening is essential. Excessive skin excess or skin too lax (especially with age) that the patient can confuse with fat. If the skin is in excess, the only treatment is the abdominoplasty to remove the excess and tighten the abdominal wall.

    For a successful belly liposuction
    Understand the peculiarities of belly liposuction treatment in lahore

    Below the navel and around the navel: the fat is soft and is very easily aspirated. The skin is elastic and often retracts very well. The result is very good for liposuction treatment in this area. above the belly button. The fat is often dense or fibrous and difficult to suck during liposuction treatment . The skin often has more difficulty in retracting and can make waves.
    The fat inside the belly: It is the deep fat, around the intestines, witnessing an overweight. She can not be liposued. If it predominates, it is better for the patient to lose weight before considering liposuction treatment of abdominal wall fat.
    In addition, liposuction treatment of the belly gives excellent results at the level of love handles.
    We reduce the risk of irregularities or waves of the skin, using fine diameter cannulas and performing liposuction treatment of the deep and superficial belly.

    Success factors of belly liposuction treatmentin Lahore

    The determining points for Liposuction treatment in lahore are:

  • Realistic expectations: liposuction treatment will not hold the abdominal muscles, so some "roundness" may persist if the musculature is relaxed before the procedure
  • An accurate analysis of the different fatty compartments of the abdomen with explanations of the expected benefits in each zone: above and below the navel, the love handles
  • Do not operate the wrong candidates for liposuction treatment : excess skin, thin skin, deep fat around the intestine, patient with unrealistic expectations.
  • The surgeon's technique and his experience in abdominal surgery.

  • For a good result for liposuction treatment in lahore, it is very common to associate with liposuction treatment of the belly, liposuction of love handles to reduce the diameter of the waist and redraw the entire trunk..
    If necessary, in humans, liposuction treatment of adipomastia (breast) is often combined. In women, liposuction treatment of the thighs, knees, arms ... is often associated if necessary, as long as the volume of sucked up fat remains reasonable (less than 6 liters).

    Procedure of belly liposuction

    It is identical to that of liposuction in a general way.We invite you to refer to the article on liposuction for generalities. We will focus here on the specificities of belly liposuction.

    Consultations before the intervention
    The consultations before the intervention for liposuction treatment in lahore are identical to those of the classic liposuction:

  • Two cosmetic liposuction treatment consultation
  • A precise examination to evaluate the prognosis of the intervention. Evaluation of intra-abdominal fat and fat of the abdominal wall, skin analysis (elasticity, firmness, relaxation).
  • Attentive listening to the patient's expectations
  • The surgeon delivers complete information on the benefits and risks of the intervention if liposuction treatment in lahore is performed
  • Respect of the reflection period of 15 days between the first consultation and the liposuction intervention.
  • Liposuction Intervention - Hospitalization

    Anesthesia:For Liposuction treatment in lahore we use most often general, but local or loco-regional anesthesia is possible.
    Hospitalizationafter liposuction treatment is most often outpatient, with return home the same day.
    The procedure for liposuction treatment lasts 45 minutes at 1:15, if the love handles are also aspirated

    The postoperative liposuction course

  • Moderate pain relieved by simple analgesics
  • Wear an abdominal sheath for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Anti-coagulant treatment for 2 weeks to prevent phlebitis.
  • Resumption of professional activities: 2 - 4 days
  • No sport for 6 weeks.
  • No baths before 6 weeks.
  • The postoperative swelling is quite marked the first month. It is only this past time that the result is shown.
  • As for all liposuction, bruises (blue) are classic and disappear in 3 weeks maximum.
  • To optimize the result and fight against the retraction of the skin, we propose our patients radiofrequency treatments postoperatively, if the skin is at greater risk of irregularities.

    Result of liposuction treatment in Lahore

    Like any liposuction treatment , that of the abdomen is immediately visible, but the final result is obtained at 3 onth
    Abdominal liposuction treatment in Lahore gives excellent results as long as:

  • Select the right candidates for the liposuction intervention, whose prognosis is good.
  • Use a rigorous liposuction surgical technique specific to the abdomen: fine liposuction cannulas, superficial and deep liposuction.
  • In cases where there is a slight relaxation of the skin, liposuction treatment of the stomach remains in our opinion the first intervention to propose, because of its spectacular results, even if some waves can appear. An abdominoplasty can always be considered second time, liposuction treatment in lahore does not hinder its realization.

    Risks of liposuction treatment

    These are the common risks of liposuction treatment .
    The only additional risk of belly liposuction is peritonitis by sliding of the cannula into the abdomen and perforation of the intestine. To avoid this risk, it is advisable to look for a possible hernia and to practice at the slightest doubt an ultrasound before the liposuction treatmelnt in lahore intervention. This risk is exceptional, however

    Cost of Liposuction treatment in Lahore, Liposuction in Pakistan surgery cost

    For Liposuction treatment in Lahore, Liposuction in Pakistan surgery cost is in range of 85000 per area we charge. You can call direct to our plastic surgeon at 0321-4945209 or visit our clinic in DHa