Face Lift Surgery in Lahore

Face Lift Surgery in Lahore

Facial face lifts are numerous and vary according to the needs of the patient: raising the oval of the face, cheekbones, neck, eyebrows .So these are various cosmetic surgery techniques , plus personal variants specific to every cosmetic surgeon. visit our clinic to know about face lift surgery in lahore and meet our experience plastic surgeon of pakistan to discus you doubt regarding face lift

Face Lift Surgery in Lahore, Face Lift Plastic Surgeon in Pakistan

Face Lift Surgery in Lahore

Objectives of face lift

The word lifting is an English word that means "to go back". The goal of the face lift surgery in Lahore is to lift the loose and affaussed tissues over
The face is divided into 3 floors:

  • upper 1/3: forehead + eyebrow
  • the average 1/3: cheekbones, nasolabial folds, dark circles
  • lower 1/3: jowls, folds of bitterness, neck
  • Each floor will benefit from one or more face lifts to improve it
  • The different Type face lifts

    There are three type of of Face lift in Lahore we performed.

  • Cervico-facial lift
  • Malaria Face lift
  • Temporo-frontal Face lifting.
  • Temporo-frontal lifting

    This type of the face lift surgery in Lahore we performed on the face and neck. It allows to raise the jowls and tighten the neck. It is frequently associated with liposuction of the neck and jowls. The cervico facial lift has many variants, ranging from the classic facelift to the short scrape lift that is a real breakthrough in the field.

    Malaria lift

    The Malaria facelift is a facelift that treats the middle third of the face. It allows to go up the cheekbones, reduce the top of the nasolabial fold, and fill the hollow ring. It is a technique that allows great improvements but the postoperative can be long.

    Temporo-frontal lifting

    The extended temporo-frontal lifting is the frontal lifting that goes up the entire forehead and eyebrows. It is practically no longer practiced. The temporal lifting is however very common. It has a more localized action of raising the tail of the eyebrow.

    Cost of Face lift surgery in Lahore Pakistan

    Cost of Face Lift Surgery in Lahore is combination of different facter which are including Type of Anesthesia, Experience of Plastic surgeon and clinic or Hospital where you are going to operate. Normally we charge 125,000 to 200,000 of pakistan rupees