Tummy Tuck Surgery Lahore

Abdominoplasty is opted when the people are not getting any result of dieting & excercising , this surgery is also known as Tummy Tuck. This procedure helps patients to for tightening muscle, removes extra fat from abdominal wall. Patient should not take very fast decision to opt for this surgery, the patient should know every details about this surgery. When the patient has tried everything to loose weight & its unsuccessful, at that time patient should opt for this surgery. If you want to get tummy tuck surgery in Lahore or want to meet best tummy tuck surgeon Pakistan then visit our clinic in DHA Lahore

Women who had multiple pregnancies can opt for this surgery to tighten their skin & muscles. A person who is obese for a long period of time or have excessive fat can also opt for this surgery. Because, during the time if pregnancy vertical muscle is tighten & future pregnancies can make it loose, so women should opt this surgery post their pregnancy.

Abdominoplasty takes maximum 1 to 5 hrs, doctor may also suggest to stay at hospital after the surgery to asses the situation of the patient. The patient should have someone with him/her to take home.

Types of abdominoplasty:

Mini Abdominoplasty: In this type of abdominoplasty excess fats & tissues are removed from the lower part of the abdomen. After this the skin is tightened & bell botton is repositioned.

Extended Abdominoplasty: In this type of abdominoplasty, the excess skin & tissues are removed from abdomen, hips, thighs & back. After the surgery bell button is also repositioned.

Doctor can also ask the patient about his/her previous medical history. Doctor can also recommend to maintain healthy diet, to quit smoking atleast before few weeks of the surgery & to maintain weight before the surgery. Doctor can also conduct the physical test to know whether patient is fit or no. Surgeon gives anesthesia to the patient to conduct the surgery while the patient is sleeping. During the procedure antibiotix can be given to the patient to prevent infection.

While operating, first the surgeon will remove the public hair from the abdomen part & then will remove the excess fat & tissues from other parts also if needed, bell button repositioning is also done after the fats tissues are removed from the abdomen. After the surgery the area of bell bottom is covered with surgical dressing & small tube is placed near the cut parts of the abdomen to stop excess blood or fluid. Swelling & normal pain will be experienced by the patient because of cuts made in abdomen area & in other parts also.

After the short period of time doctor can also recommend the patient to take blood-thinning medication. Surgeon will give the patient to wear abdominal binder for supporting of the abdominal part for atleast 6 weeks. During this period the patient should stop physical activities & stop bending the waist because there are chances of opening of stitches while bending the waist.

Insurance company doesn’t give any insurance for this surgery, If the possible the surgeon may give medical case & letter to the insurance company for assistance. The healing process or recovery process of this surgery is time consuming because the small cuts made near abdomen & near parts takes time to heal. Sometimes the cuts can also become scars if healing process is not proper but it can be hidden under the clothes.

Scarring can differ from person to person. Bleeding or Infection is also the big risks of this surgery, bleeding can even cause the death of the patient. The patient can also experience numbness after surgery in abdomen & other part of the surgery area. The result of this surgery is life long, if the patient maintains his/her wait after the surgery. The expectations of the patient is mostly fulfilled after this surgery.

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