Rhinoplasty,(Rhy-Nu-Plas-tee- la-hoo-ree)  in Pakistan common people understand it just only Nose Surgery means Septoplast (Sep- tu-plas-Tee), Surgical intervention who target nose functional issue , such septum deviated  or Breathing issue. Actually Rhinoplasty (Rhi-no-plas-tee-la-hoo-ree) is deal and alters outer nose appearance. In short we can say a nose job (Technically Ca58544lled Rhinoplasty Surgery ) is done improve the physical shape of the our nose. This treatment is mostly done only by Certified Cosmetic surgeon, Who with rhinoplasty can also done Septoplasty (Surgery to improve nasal respiratory function). You can get double benefit from a single treatment.If You want to get Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty (nose Surgery lahore) both at a single clinic or Hospital from recommended plastic surgeon then call us at 0321-4945209 or Visit our plastic surgery clinic at 14-DD DHA PHASE-4 Lahore Pakistan


Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty –Nose Job)  is suitable for those candidate  who are unhappy with physical appearance of their nose. Nose shape altered by Birth(heredity problem), May be due to an injury or some time previous surgery effect the nose shape.  When you are talking about to take surgery nose surgery in Lahore then you did not ignore Highly recommended and Experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon of Pakistan, Dr. Amin certified turkished trained nose surgeon, very young and higly skilled and specialized in nose surgery provide individualizes the procedure care, identifying patients aesthetic-functional problem of nose, His main goal is to orienting the nose and give a natural look with facial harmony.


Closed rhinoplasty : one in which the surgeon makes the incisions inside the nose through the nostrils. It is the most common.

Open rhinoplasty : One that requires removing the skin and other tissues in order to achieve the result sought by the patient. This type of nose operation is usually carried out in those patients who require to touch up or correct the tip.

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty : One that has aesthetic objectives. It is common to use it when the person has a deviated septum, a very long septum or a shape that does not respond to current beauty standards.

Rhinoplasty works l: One that has functional objectives to improve the patient’s health. It is common to use it when you cannot breathe normally.

Rhinoplasty reduction : One that aims to reduce the size of the nose. It is common for people who have a lake septum, large fins or a nose with proportions higher than the rest of their face to use it.

Rhinoplasty augmentation : One that aims to increase the size of the nose. It is common for people who have a short septum, small wings or a nose with proportions lower than the rest of their face to use it. In addition to those who want to increase the size of their nose, they also use it for those people who have the tip off.

In all of them, the first postoperative days usually cause an increase in the face, looking swollen and with bruises that should not be taken into account and that will decrease autonomously as the days go by. It will be in a week or two when each and every one of the postoperative symptoms disappears. However, the feeling of swelling at the tip of the nose may last for a month. It should be noted that the final results will not be fully appreciated until practically one year after the intervention.