Breast Surgery



Breast augmentation (BAR-EAST-AUG-MENT-SON) Cosmetic Surgery for enlargement of the breasts volume (BREAST BIGGER & BREAST FULLER) size, by using simple silicons or SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS. In Asia country Like PAKISTAN Some time Breast Augmentation is done for cosmetic and beauty purpose but  BREAST AUGMENTATION LAHORE  that have to get by our women just for reconstructive issues, due to after mastectomy for breast cancer or not properly developed. Recommended And Certified Surgeon can do only Breast Surgery and insert breast implant behind the female breast muscle. In Some cases women or girls in Pakistan lost their breast size due weight loss (dieting) and sometime after pregnancy( completion of their children and feeding they loss shape of their breast) and they want to get proper breast shape or want to get breast with large size


Like all other plastic and cosmetic treatment, BREAST AUGMENTATION carries 5% risks. Experience and Breast specialized plastic surgeon can reduce this 5% also. But hypersensitivity, numbness, little kind infection, some cases implant rupture, wrinkling creation, heavy breast implants create breast pain.

The BREAST AUGMENTATION is usually performed under Local or general anesthesia.

In this article Our Surgeon covers issue regarding breast augmentation and Breast implant only. Before going to take breast procedure doctor discusses the available all types of breast implants, the detail process of surgery, and possible risk, Side effect and care and expected results.


In World only two types of breast implants are used by cosmetic surgeon which are saline and silicone gel.

Saline Breast implants: Such type of implants is made of silicone shells filled with sterile salt water.

saline implants:  Some implants are pre-filled by company and others are filled before breast augmentation by surgeon team or surgeon.


Breast Augmentation cost depends on the location of Clinic, Experience of doctor, and which type of implant used.

Typically, the Breast Augmentation cost ranges from Rs: 200,000 to Rs: 350,000. Because it is a cosmetic procedure, Need Personal care of the doctor, Note health insurance doesn’t cover BREAST AUGMENTATION LAHORE PAKSITAN.


From teen age to early 20’s women breast continue to develop, According to FDA if a women want to get saline-filled implants for breast augmentation then she must be at 22 and for silicone she must be 24.