Nose Reshaping surgery in lahore

Nose Reshaping Surgery in lahore

Rhinoplasty is the most common nose reshaping surgery in Lahore . It must be natural, in harmony with the patient's face. Recent advances and constant updating of knowledge in international congresses specialized in the nose , allow us to obtain today sustainable and excellent results.To Know more about Nose Reshaping Surgery in lahore, Rhinoplasty in pakistan visit our clinic in DHA or direct call for free consultation at 0321-4945209

Nose Reshaping Surgery in lahore

Nose Reshaping Surgery in lahore

What is aesthetic rhinoplasty in Lahore?

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic or restorative surgery that involves reshaping the nose to change the appearance. This intervention makes it possible to correct misfortunes that are most often very badly experienced by the patient: bump, nose falling, nose too deepened, nose deviated. They profoundly reduce the quality of life, and are often accompanied by a lack of self-confidence.

Why Nose reshaping surgery is needed?

Surgery will correct these defects to provide the patient with a significant improvement in physical and psychological well-being. This is all the more remarkable in the patient wishing to remake his nose, because this organ is in the center of the face, subject to the eyes of all. Finally, remember that the intervention must preserve and maintain the respiratory function. Rhinoplasty must be natural and respect the harmony of the face. Here are some examples of natural nose, neither too dug nor too straight. The intervention allowed each time to give back to the nose its good proportions. The tip, like the back of the nose are well drawn and correct the initial defects without creating any common appearance "nose redone"

What are the main goals of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty has different goals depending on the patient's problem. The main goals of rhinoplasty are:

  • Improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose.
  • Improvement of respiratory discomfort.
  • Rejuvenating effect to correct the gradually falling and skeletonized appearance of the nose with aging
  • Our conception of successful rhinoplasty

    The research of the natural and the harmony are a constant thing for the surgeon, who relies at the same time on a precise technique and in artistic sense proper to each one. Our vision of successful rhinoplasty is based on the search for naturalness and harmony between the different subunits of the nose, but also between the nose and the rest of the face. The search for harmony is not random and is based on several principles: We respect the lines and angles described by the artistic and surgical anatomy, which make rhinoplasty a real science We consider rhinoplasty according to the patient's request. It is a tailor-made surgery that adapts to the desire and anatomy of the patient. And not a systematic technique that reproduces identical noses. We bring our advice and know-how to each patient, taking into account the harmony of the different structures of the nose between them. This led us to develop the concept of "relative rhinoplasty" , which is today the central focus of our interventions.

    Select Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

    The choice of a cosmetic surgeon specialized in rhinoplasty in Lahore, Pakistan is essential and very important. The specialization in rhinoplasty is based on a specific training, on-specialization of classical training in plastic reconstructive plastic surgery. In addition to this training, I regularly update my knowledge in conferences or by involvement in learned societies such as the Paksitan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. I developed this skill in the plastic surgery department of the Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Paksitan, where I developed the activity of rhinoplasty and reconstruction of the nose, under the aegis of Prof Mozzam Nazir Tarrar.

    Suitable Candidates for rhinoplasty

    Patients who are candidates for rhinoplasty have many aesthetic variants that can lead to surgery. We distinguish globally: Restorative rhinoplasty, after fracture of the own bones of the nose, or malformation of the nose Reconstruction of the amputated nose, called rhinopoiesis

    Complex specialized rhinoplasties

    All rhinoplasties do not have the same complexity. My experience in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction allows me to realize today very complex rhinoplasties. The complexity is related above all to the technical difficulties that require all these interventions. Complex grafts are almost systematic, and only a common practice makes it possible to judge the need for this or that treatment.

    Technical considerations are essential, but it is also necessary to know and understand patients' expectations before performing this type of rhinoplasty. The treatment experience of many patients, is an important asset to understand what everyone wants.

    What acts can be associated with aesthetic rhinoplasty in the quest for the natural?

    If the patient claims it, or in case of major facial disharmony, I can offer my patient additional treatments, to help harmonize the nose with the rest of the face.
    These acts vary according to the analysis of the profile face as part of a profiloplasty:

  • Chin forward or backward
  • An enhancement of the cheekbones
  • Swelling of the lips
  • A grinding of the orbital arcades too embossed
  • Cost of Nose reshaping surgery in Lahore

    Rhinoplasty is rarely supported by social security, except in special cases. In order to make things as clear as possible, we inform you about rhinoplasty rates . Regarding the specific price, price ranges are indicated on the website for information purposes.

    The operative rhinoplasty project

    The implementation of the operative project is the key step before surgery.
    The nose is analyzed subunit by subunit: tip, dorsum, root, nostril. The operative rhinoplasty project will define for each zone of the nose, the need or not of treatment, and the best operative strategy. The combination of an important technical mastery and a precise analytical sense, that the objective of achieving a natural and harmonious result will be obtained, following a perfectly defined operative project in agreement with the patient.

    Open or closed rhinoplasty

    Two methods of rhinoplasty exist:
    the closed way is to operate the nose passing only through the nostrils, without any scars. the open way is to operate by lifting the skin of the nose, which allows an optimal vision on the structures of the nose, and gives more extensive and precise technical possibilities. The scar is tiny and generally invisible.

    Course of the intervention

    The course of a rhinoplasty is based on several successive stages, chronologically. It is important to be familiar with the entire process before the intervention.
    First step: pre-operative consultations of cosmetic surgery
    I require at least two consultations before rhinoplasty . Indeed, only one consultation is insufficient to consider this intervention:

  • the first consultation informs the patient and proposes the surgical strategy
  • the second consultation illuminates the remaining shadows, and is used for administrative formalities (estimate
  • Second step: the organization of the intervention
    To properly organize your rhinoplasty , it is necessary to know the course of the intervention. It requires a short hospital stay, usually one night.
    Beforehand, an anesthesia consultation is mandatory.
    Third step: postoperative follow-up and outcome of rhinoplasty
    The postoperative follow-up of rhinoplasty is performed for at least one year. The nose will evolve gradually, and the various consultations will make it possible to follow the evolution of the result and to deliver regularly adapted advice to the patient.
    The final result is obtained after 1 year minimum.
    The consultation is the singular conference between the surgeon and the patient. It is fundamental to set up an operative project adapted to the precise request of the patient.

    Our recommendations and tips for successful rhinoplasty

    There is a lot of advice before and after rhinoplasty to avoid complications and maximize healing. In general, it must be understood that it is necessary to stop smoking and avoid all drugs that thin the blood. After the procedure, the recovery can be more or less fast, and some recommendations are to be followed to accelerate the healing: sleeping head elevated, application of ice

    The risks of rhinoplasty

    As with any procedure, there are risks of rhinoplasty .
    These are moderate risks, which in expert hands are very rare. Entrusting your nose to a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics reduces these risks, and allows you to put more chances on your side