Breast Augmentation in Lahore

Breast surgery in Lahore

Breast surgery is a vast field of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. It treats all types of breast abnormalities (breast ptosis, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast uplift, Breast lipofilling), nipple malformations, or breast reconstruction after cancer or malformations. Visit our clinic for any breast related cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation in Lahore, Breast reconstruction, Breast Reduction, Breast uplift, Breast lipofilling cost in Pakistan

Breast Augmentation in Lahore

What is Breast Augmentaion?

The breast augmentation is nowadays the intervention of aesthetic breast surgery most performed in the world. The current breast augmentation gives natural results thanks to the technical evolutions of the breast prostheses and to the possibility of breast augmentation without implant by injection of fat. It is also possible to combine the techniques.

Prosthesis / Breast implant in Lahore

The increase of the breast by prosthesis gives excellent results thanks to the recent technological evolutions of the implants;

High safety of breast implants

The latest generation of breast prostheses give secure results with a significant reduction in the risk of cockles. The labs I work with have put in place lifelong guarantees against cockles or implant fractures . These guarantees are for us a guarantee of seriousness, but also of safety for our patients. The unfortunate scam of the PIP case had the positive effect of significantly strengthening the vigilance of the French health authorities, which now allows to certify a very high security in the design and production of breast implants

Breast prostheses of last generation for a natural result

The results are now more natural thanks to true technological evolution of breast prostheses:

  • Cohesive silicone gel with a natural touch consistency
  • Fine prosthesis contours for a smooth neckline
  • natomic form for a very natural increase, in case of very thin patient or wishing a major breast augmentation.
  • Round shape with moderate or very moderate projection (moderate profile or "low plus" profile): equivalent to the appearance of an anatomical, without the risk of rotation, in patients with a small glandular volume for a neckline barely more filled but still natural.
  • Highly projected round shape , for a high profile, deliberately artificial, in patients who wish
  • implant boxes varying according to the morphology of the patient, including the latest dual plan technical innovations.
  • Very discreet scars under the armpit, under the breast, or at the level of the areola.
  • Microtextured, macrotextured or smooth envelopes, as appropriate
  • Finally, no systematic change of the breast prosthesis every 10 years if the prosthesis remains intact, but simple control for life by the surgeon
  • Breast implants adapted to the associated breast ptosis cure.
  • Breast implantation techniques with simple operative follow-up

    Breast implantation techniques with simple operative follow-up:

  • no drain
  • dissection technique "no touch" to avoid tissue trauma and therefore reduce postoperative pain
  • same day out if the surgeon's agreement
  • Local systematic breast anesthesia, in addition to general anesthesia, to reduce postoperative pain
  • Exclusive local anesthesia for small increase
  • No wire to remove, everything is absorbable, for simpler suites
  • Breast lipofilling: breast augmentation by fat injection

    Fat is the hope of many patients. His injection into the breast is a real surgery that has 2 advantages:

  • a natural breast remodeling without foreign body
  • a refinement of the silhouette in the same operating time, by the realization of a liposuction essential to collect the fat.

  • This technique, called breast lipofilling, has been used for breast reconstruction since about ten years, with very good results. Since 2011, this technique has been used routinely in cosmetic surgery with excellent results.

    Precise criteria for cosmetic breast lipofilling

    In the context of aesthetic breast augmentation , many controversies have existed for many years, evoking the increased risk of occurrence of breast cancer. In 2011, things were finally clarified, and breast lipofilling aesthetic aim is scientifically validated by the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, as a reliable and secure technique. However, this implies certain precise conditions:

  • woman under 35
  • no history of personal or family breast cancer
  • strictly normal preoperative radiological assessment
  • commitment to regular medical follow-up

  • commitment to regular medical follow-up

    Composite breast augmentation: lipofilling and breast prosthesis

    In case of large breast augmentation, breast lipofilling is insufficient because it allows an increase in the breast volume of a maximum cup. Breast prostheses are therefore necessary. However, the breast lift can be combined with implants as part of a composite breast augmentation which offers several advantages:breast augmentation: lipofilling and breast prosthesis

  • hide the contours of a bulky implant
  • thicken the breast, especially in a thin patient, to avoid positioning the breast implant behind the muscle.
  • avoid the appearance of folds especially in a thin patient
  • create a very natural result
  • The problem of loosening of the skin of the breast and the increase of the breast

    The breast augmentation is by definition the procedure of increasing the volume of breasts too small (small for gestational age). However, it is necessary to distinguish the increase with and without loosening of the skin. When the skin is very relaxed, we talk about breast ptosis . The treatment consists in associating a lift of the skin (mastopexy or breast lift) in addition to the breast augmentation.

    What are the rates of the intervention?

    The rates of breast augmentation vary depending on the technique used, the complexity of the chest, the existence of asymmetry or significant relaxation of the skin ... Most often the intervention is aesthetic and not supported by social Security. In some rare and well-defined cases, social security support is possible.